Alexander Carson releases stunning arrangement ‘I Swam’ | New Music

Alexander Carson is back with a glowing and spiring release, titled ‘I Swam’. Loaded with poignant-piano lines and subdued vocals sat above textured percussion. Taking inspiration from Rufus Wainwright, Alexander’s ability as a writer is truly remarkable.

When talking about the new single, Carson shares:

“This concept of sounding simple, yet technically virtuosic is inspired by French composer Erik Satie, and in particular, his Gymnopedies (based on the naked Greek dances from the island of Knossos) and this underlines the basis of “I Swam” as the song is built on only 2 chords. Yet that basic framework allows so many delicate melodies to fall onto each other like waves overlapping on the vast open coast of Holkham beach near where Carson lives.”

The non-binary singer-songwriter-composer is based in rural North Norfolk, where they continue to explore nature whilst nurturing those influences into their craft. Carson began writing at age 4, their inspiration comes from the absurdity of existence and the monotony of day-to-day living.