common goldfish shares the aptly lofi music video for his track ‘Feel The Fuzz’ | New Music

Embracing the swirling guitar sounds and shuffling beats of the likes of The Stone Roses with a fresh spin, common goldfish shares a music video for his new track ‘Feel The Fuzz’, embracing breezy vocals and rhythmic riffs. A familiar face on London’s music scene, common goldfish might just be your new favourite Indie rocker.

Revealing more, common goldfish shares: “The track embodies the sense of dreamer’s optimism (“the fuzz”) and the feeling that led me to change career paths and pursue my passion in music. We only lead one life, Feel the Fuzz is about helping people see that they should value their experiences over materials and not always seek the easy options in life.”

If one thing is for sure, the fuzz can most certainly be felt and common goldfish is bringing some much-needed nostalgia to your playlists.